Our name "Paratum" is the latin word for being prepared. 

Our mission is to offer the best consultants with the best tools to ensure our customers are safe from cyber attacks, organizationally equipped with  policys and routines and ready to meet the requirements of laws like GDPR, NIS and others. We deliver our core business to you, so that you can stay focused on yours.


Our employees have subject matter expertise in project management, process building, developing routines, system integration, privacy, governance, security, agreement compliance, and asset management. They each boast 15 years or more working in customer facing roles for large international enterprises such as Microsoft, Adobe, and used to dealing with a wide array of complexity and challenges that demands preparedness. 


Many years of harvesting from our experience have equipped us with the know-how and skill-sets to develop our own framework and methodology which offer a systematic and practical approach that ensures our customers are well prepared and ready to meet the requirements of GDPR. 

Tor Arne Myhre
Owner /CEO
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Member of several Board of Directors and have experience from several start-ups. Has 17 years of experience as an IT and compliance auditor.