The Eu general Data Protection Regulation was introduced in Norway on 20th July 2018. Ensuring that your company complies with regulations is in principle only the first step.


Thereafter, personal data should be managed continuously. Providing complete revision history and compliance with specific requests for the data you hold on people is a potential nightmare and can create unacceptable legal and financial risks while valuable resources are bound up.

To try to manage personal data manually can be an invitation to disaster. This is especially true for those who process large amounts of personal data, but the law posts equally difficult task for all. GDPR Auto is a fully automated solution that is quick and easy to implement even in the largest organisations. It is the first management platform built specifically for GDPR compliance and that has built-in a complete legal audit.







GDPR Auto functionality

Integrated function of Internal audit

GDPR Auto has an intergrated internal audit function that satisfies all the requirements of the Data Protection Act (GDPR). It also includes all aspects of policies and regulations with template documents that can be used in conjunction with your data.

Centralized Registry 

GDPR Auto automatically provides a centralized and fully revised view of all types of data that your company has on registered people across all your systems. It also shows information on the intended use and the respective legal grounds for processing. All personal data that the company has is fully monitored, and one can easily demonstrate compliance with the GDPR.

Immediate handling of requests

The platform allows the DPO to immediately answer petitions from the data subject (SAR),-e.g. transparency and portability requests. In dealing with SARs, this can be administered manually for small operators or can connect to third-party applications via the RestAPI for automated data acquisition. Of course, portability requests are delivered in machine-readable format. Output occurs only after two-factor identification and authentication of the requestor.

Consent Management

Revised Consent and new consent for each type of data type can be requested and collected through the system's automation functions. This can be done individually or to Groups in bulk. The System allows for direct revision of a specific consent, and automatically notifies the data protection officer when the consent is to be renewed.

Modification and deletion of data subjects with 2FA

Within the GDPR, data processors are obliged to provide the registered an opportunity to update their data and ensure that the information retained by the company is correct. GDPR Auto solves this through a secure portal, strengthened with 2 factor authentication (2FA), where data can be managed and updated. Through the same mechanism, GDPR Auto also allows the registrant to submit "Delete me" requests that immediately trigger the alarm-based notification routine and put the data in a temporary quarantine when such requests are received.

Dashboard provides full overview

The GDPR Auto has a central dashboard containing overviews of the tasks, alarms and progress of such tasks. It keeps your DPO in readiness for deviations and any kind of risk that your organization may face at all times. Among the key features are the automated alerts that require the attention of a Data protection Officer (DPO). These include (but are not limited to) notifications from registered, consent, "Delete Me", upcoming expiration, processing periods, visibility and portability, and requests for data updates.