Close to 80% of threaths against companies today are what is known as "insider threaths". The attacker/hacker is let into a closed environment through sophisticated phishing attacks. Phishing attacks may be e-mails with content that appears legitimate and harmless, but includes links or attachements with maliscious code. Unbenknown to the receiver, they are opening the front door and the attacker is working their way up through the value chain from his/her computer. According to statistics from Microsoft, it takes a hacker less than 48 hours to get full administrative access. However, it takes on average about 278 days to detect the attacker and the average cost of these attacks are more than 3,5 mill USD.

What Jazz Networks does


Jazz Networks is a cyber-security platform that helps detect the insider threaths. User behaviour analytics(UBA), machine learning (ML) and AI is used to learn the user's behaviour. The Jazz Platform prevents, detects and respond based on pre-configured known threat scenarios as well as by UBA.  Once the system detect anomalies, a set of different alarms are triggered. Some are automatic, and may shut down the PC, wheras others can be manual and require the user to re-authenticate. The administrator will quickly see what machines, files, networks, and processes are involved and can prevent further damage or the threat to spread throughout the organization.


Since the user is most often the weakest link, Jazz has implemented a learning module which directly engages the user to ensure compliance with company policies. Once an anomaly is detected, the platform instantly send a message to the user device warning the user that his or her activity is against policy.  By these forced micro-learning messages, the user quickly becomes aware of what is acceptable behaviour according to company policies. 


The Jazz Platform collect data from agents at kernel-level and store them in one single database. No distributed log-files to be collected, normalized and analyzed before a result is presented. Kernel-level agents allows for less than 2% usage of CPU Power. 


Data collected is sent and analyzed in real-time (when online) and presented in a easy to understand user interface with multiple drill-down views.  Provided the user is online, it takes 7 Seconds for the system to analyze and trigger an alarm. You don't have to be a forensic ninja to understand and use the system and with saved costs and resources it directly adds to the bottom line. The Jazz Platform is installed on-premise or in a cloud service and have connectors to services like O365, Google, splunk and many more. 

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Jazz Platform functionality

Power Search

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Quickly access historical context during investigations. Zoom in from months to minutes of data within seconds.