KYC Portal

KYC Portal is the industry's perhaps most advanced platform for customer due-diligence as well as anti-money laundering. Through advanced data collection processes and lookup in registers, as well as facial recognition, tracking, and logging capabilities, the tool centralizes and simplifies your compliance efforts. A perfect companion in your efforts of staying compliant with the anti-money laundering law. KYC Portal reduces costs, simplifies and minimizes the number of contact points and the total duration of the contact you have. Measurements made show an increased efficiency by over 60% throughout the value chain. 


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You're in control

KYCP takes the guesswork and delegation of fragmented task out of the due diligence and compliance processes. Build your own risk assessment programs that include unlimited and custom device types with associated requirements e.g.: documentation, information fields, customer/client questionnaires, interview formats, etc. The Processing system is checklist-based, provides transparency and ensures that nothing is forgotten. Verify devices, approve applications, and follow the process in a highly visual interface. Approval or rejection is based on the requirement parameters set V. s data presented and this allows KYC to automatically provide risk scoring and recommendations in connection with applications. You can also revise any data entry in any part of the process and subsequent changes and judgings, as well as the audits of recordings made by the built-in videoconferencing and interview functionality. All RAW files are digitally coded and covered by blanket SSL security.

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