Paratum Consulting is now an Nordic exclusive distributor of GDPR Auto!

Paratum Consulting and Aqubix have joined forces to provide the Nordics with the most innovative GDPR automation tool yet to hit the market.

The Aqubix GDPR Auto is a purpose built platform that provides a unique solution through which the impossible task of having to attempt to manually comply with the framework and the maintenance of ongoing records is automatically handled, storing full audit trails, notifications and providing automated reporting, all the while centralising, in a secure repository, the management of all personal data held.

"GDPR Auto is the only tool on the market that addresses the entire GDPR workflow"

- Kristoff Zammit Ciantar, CEO Aqubix

From the initial GAP analysis to the required policy templates, data cleansing, automated consent and the ongoing management of client requests and data past retention, GDPR Auto handles it with ease and is managed through its easy understandable graphic user interfaces .

GDPR Auto is the result of a collaboration between Aqubix and AMJ Legal to provide a centralised solution that not only automates the operational aspect of compliance from a technical perspective but is also embedded with the required legal counsel to tackle GDPR.

Paratum Consulting is the sole distributor with exclusive rights to distribute the product in the Nordic market.

GDPR Auto will be sold through value added resellers and partners across the Nordics, whilst at the same time, customers may buy GDPR Auto directly from Paratum Consulting.

"The functionality and scalability of GDPR Auto is a game changer in the market"

- Daniel Torres, Founder and Partner of Paratum Consulting.

Since the launch in November 2017, the product have taken Europe by storm. The pricing structure allows smaller customers to benefit from its innovative functionality typically reserved for larger enterprises whilst larger customers have no other alternatives due to their share size. GDPR Auto's largest customer thus far, is handling more than 77 million subjects around the world.

With such a value adding proposition, we are nothing short of "stoked"

- Tor Arne Myhre - Founder and CEO of Paratum Consulting.

We are truly looking forward to presenting this magnificent tool to our customers and partners. Before we have the chance to visit you, and If you like to read more about GDPR Auto, you can download the product description here

Contact us for a demo at info@paratumconsulting.com