Paratum testdrives NT6 in Gjøvik

Oppdatert: 9. mars 2018

Gjøviks new innovation hub, NT6, opens officially next week. However for those eager to see the newly refurbished office building, the GDPR breakfast seminar was also an opportunity for an early visit.

Kvale Advokatfirma DA, Paratum Consulting, Escio AS and IOPS AS gave the listeners a thorough introduction of the upcomming changes to the Norwegian Privacy Act.

Scheduled to be passed as a law on the 25th May 2018, GDPR brings about several changes that are designed to protect us as individuals.

Small and large businesses collect and use our personal information for different purposes. Anything from paying salaries, reporting tax, sending marketing material and collecting consumer behavioral information requires some types of personal identifiable information to be collected. How businesses collect, process and protect this information is now being scrutinized and the new law will bring about changes.

Regulatory changes is often viewed as a cost driving event, that brings little or no value to the business, however, Escio's representative took a different approach - businesses can use this change to differentiate themselves from the rest and gain a competative advantage!

Paratum Consulting agrees with this view. Many of the steps you must go through to ensure that you comply with the rules, also gives you the opportunity to get your "house in order".

- Tor Arne Myhre, CEO Paratum

Clean your databases and active directories and remove the old legacy information that surves no purpose. Control is never obsolete, in fact it is a nessesity and a bussines advantage in it self.

You might even find that you have a list of lost customers, -so why not contact them and ask them if they like to do business again? Whilst cleaning, make sure you do not remove information you are required by other laws to keep.

Build a registry of data. Make sure you know for what purpose you are collecting information and for how long you are keeping it, and ensure you have policies to minimize the data now, and over time.

Designing a new and purposeful privacy statements for your web-pages, which inform your visitors - from whom you collect information from - of the steps you take to protect them. Making sure they feel safe, might give you more customers.

GDPR is not as easy as this, however, these are some ideas where you might benefit from the hassle of going through GDPR.

Should you need help with GDPR, we have the experience, the tools and methodology to assist you with it. Give us a call, and we can talk about what challenges you are up against. If we are not the right fit for you, we have partners and law firms that can help you.