Versjon 7.1 tilgjengelig

Siden forrige utgivelse, har Jazz vært opptatt med å utvikle funksjonene kundene har etterspurt. Disse er vi glade for å presentere nå, i en ny versjon - versjon 7.1

Noen høydepunkter er listet på engelsk under:

Through advanced content inspection, you can protect against intentional and accidental exfiltration of sensitive data using regular expressions (regex) or patterns. For example, you can be alerted when users access files containing U.S. social security numbers, Swedish personal identity number, Spanish DNI number, or credit card numbers and then monitor their activity.

40+ new policy templates are available to strengthen your defense against external threats, advanced malicious insiders, and data loss. Detect and block common attacks, including:

  • Windows RDP BlueKeep Microsoft Active

  • Directory (AD) reconnaissance

  • Privilege escalation

  • Pass-the-Hash (PtH)/Windows Credential Editor PtH

  • Sticky Key backdoor ... more details below.

The new Actions page centralizes action information. The page eases oversight and management of servers and workstations on which actions have been executed.

Offline action execution protects your employees working remotely. The Jazz Agent has the ability to execute actions even if a computer is not connected to a network or outside the company perimeter.

Hvilke angrep Jazz identifiserer gjennom sin avanserte Policy-motor

Windows RDP BlueKeep

BlueKeep is a Microsoft vulnerability discovered in May 2019. It is a remote code execution vulnerability in Remote Desktop Services (RDP) that enables an unauthenticated attacker to execute any arbitrary code on the targeted system when connected through RDP. It requires no user interaction and is “wormable” —in other words; it can be exploited to propagate through internal or external networks.

Microsoft Active Directory (AD) reconnaissance

An AD compromise can prove to be very dire to an organization. AD houses critical information on organizational resources, such as users, resources, and computers within a domain. An AD reconnaissance attack aims to identify these resources and how they are mapped to the domain.

Privilege escalation

While attackers can often gain entry to a network with unprivileged access, access to privileged systems, data, or execution of certain functions often requires elevated permissions. Privilege escalation techniques are used by attackers to gain these higher-level privileges.

Pass-the-Hash (PtH)/Windows Credential Editor PtH

PtH allows for lateral movement within the network. Attackers use captured password hashes to authenticate and log in to a system, bypassing the need for the actual clear text passwords.

Sticky Key backdoor

Sticky Keys is a Microsoft Windows accessibility feature that allows modifier keys, such as Alt and Ctrl, to remain active even after they are pressed and released. A Sticky Key backdoor is established when cmd.exe or powershell.exe replace Ease of Access binaries. Once these binaries are replaced, an attacker can get system-level access by utilizing Sticky Keys—for example, pressing the Shift key five times in a row opens up system-level Command Prompt.

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Gjennom AI og ML samt automatisert policyer som gir opplæring og trening av ansatte innenfor selskapets policyer, lover og regler; beskytter Jazz Networks mot Phishingangrep, BEC svindel, Malware, uønsket adferd av brukere på maskinen og mye mye mer.

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