Paratum Consulting will help GURU UTVIKLING and their customers with GDPR.

GURU Utvikling is a company specializing in web pages & content production, social media, news feeds and PR. Now with the help of Paratum Consulting, their customer get access to expertise in the field of privacy and compliance.

GURU's customers are typically found in the SMB market, many are in a developing phase, and have little time and resources for marketing and PR. GURU Utvikling offer companies excellent marketing representation and enables these clients to put their customers first. But with customers, comes personal identifiable information (PII) and that brings along the need to stay compliant with the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR.

The idea to help their clients, came after Paratum Consulting helped GURU Utvikling with their GDPR journey. GURU Utvikling realized how time consuming and difficult a GDPR project could be without the correct approach.

"I think it could be nice to offer our customers some help in getting GDPR ready too"

"There must be others like us. Others that doesn't feel GDPR is relevant to them, or does not have the expertise or motivation to start, or who has taken the "wait and see" approach. With only 70 days left before GDPR becomes Norwegian law, It would be nice to offer them some help too!" said Rune Skasberg founder & CEO of GURU Utvikling.

Paratum Consulting have developed an easy understandable methodology that identifies where the organization is in relation to the requirements in GDPR. The CEO of Paratum Consulting, Tor Arne Myhre, explains their solution as a collaborative effort and continues; "We map, track and remedy the issues we find. We work with lawyers and third parties to ensure contracts and processes are ready, and we have technology providers that can ensure that your ongoing efforts are handled with as little strain on your organization as possible".

Paratum Consulting are extremely happy to assist GURU Utvikling with their GDPR project as well their customers, and we are looking forward to also use some of GURU Utvikling's marketing solutions.

- Tor Arne Myhre - founder and CEO of Paratum Consulting