Our Products, your safety

All of our products have been carefully chosen to address governance, risk, compliance and GDPR. Our goal is to offer a combination of tools that gives you peace of mind. Each of our tools offer unparalelled functionality and address specific needs found in almost any organization. Choose any of the products below to read more.

Peace of mind


Jazz Networks is a cyber-security platform that utilizes AI/user analysis (UBA) and machine-learning. It prevents, discovers, and responds using preconfigured policies/rules to address known and unknown threats. The Platform learns and understands the user's behavioural pattern and ensures that deviations are handled quickly and securely. See how..

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GDPR Auto is a product that facilitates the tasks of managing personal data that the company has. The tool provides a good overview of where the information is located, type of data, processing bases, time limits, etc. The controller can assign roles and assignments and the various types of requests are handled with ease. Read more..

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KYC Portal is the industry's perhaps most advanced platform for customer due-diligence and anti-money laundering. Through advanced data collection processes and lookup in registers as well as facial recognition technology and logging, it centralizes and simplifies your compliance with laws such as the anti-money laundering law. KYC Portal reduces costs, simplifies and minimizes the number of contact points and total duration of the contacts you have. Measurements made show an increased efficiency by over 60% throughout the value chain. Read more..


DataFinder is an advanced application for locating unstructured data. DataFinder helps you find personal data to satisfy the requirements for viewing and moving the data you are saving (GDPR). For example, Data can be stored on SharePoint, OneDrive, Fileshares-FTP, Dropbox, GoogleDrive and more. This is the tool for employees of HR, Service Desk, IT Security and all others who work with personal data and GDPR. Read more